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Answering Some Basic Questions About Hair Removal Options

Both men and women have many options available when it comes to hair removal, beyond standard shaving and plucking, including using hot wax. If you're thinking of visiting a salon or spa to have a hair removal process done, and have considered having waxing done at a salon, note a few questions you might have about this option, and then you can decide which

Dark Nail Polish: 4 Tips Which Will Help You to Avoid Stained Fingers

If you are thinking about ordering new nail supplies, you may be tempted to steer clear of the darker shades which are available because you fear that the nail polish will stain your fingernails a darker shade, even once it has been removed. However, just because you choose to wear a darker shade of nail polish doesn't mean you have to suffer from discoloured nails af

A more comprehensive solution for depression

Imagine going to your doctor to discuss how you've been feeling depressed. They may give you a short questionnaire, take a quick history and prescribe medication after a short discussion of side effects.  Ten minutes later you're back in the waiting room waiting for your Medicare rebate to go through with script in hand and perhaps a suggestion for counselling. I

How to find your ideal beauty course

If you are looking for a nail or beauty course you might think that you would be spoilt for choice, but not every course is right for you. Each course is different, with a different curriculum and different areas of focus so it can be hard to sort through all the beauty courses and find the course and beauty school that is perfect for you. Your search for the ideal co